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Supervisor Liability: When Can Managers and Supervisors Be Held Liable

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Protect yourself from individual liability in employment actions.

Business owners, executives, managers, and supervisors need to protect themselves from individual liability in employment actions. They also need to know that their actions can bind the companies they work for and establish liability for their employers. And most do not know the various laws that pose a serious risk to them as individuals. This topic helps owners, executives, managers, and supervisors to understand why the law sometimes carries individual liability and identifies the potential legal risk areas. The material also explains how individuals can reduce the risk associated with individual liability. The methods recommended in this content are easy to understand and implement. For example, clear reporting structures can minimize the risk associated with how your company handles internal complaints. Annual training for managers who are involved in risk and compliance issues can give leadership the tools they need in order to contain problems. Finally, the material will discuss perhaps management's best risk mitigation tool-obtaining employment practices liability insurance. This information is critical for leadership so that they can identify and mitigate the risk to themselves and their management as individuals.


Jeremy Schneider, Jackson Lewis P.C.


Why Does the Law (Sometimes) Carry Individual Liability?

When Can Owners, Managers, and Supervisors Be Held Liable as Individuals?

• Discrimination/Harassment Issues

• Retaliation/Wrongful Termination Issues

• Unpaid Wage/FLSA Issues

• Whistle-Blower Issues

Knowing the Risks Associated With Individual Liability

• Civil Penalties

• Criminal Penalties

• Contracting Penalties

• Conflicts/Termination of Employment

How to Minimize the Risk of Individual Liability

• Establish Clear Reporting Structures

• Conduct Annual Training

• Review and Update Employment Policies

• Obtain Employment Practices Liability Insurance