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Employee Monitoring Compliance Tips and Tricks

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Gain a solid understanding of business reasons for monitoring employees and how to do so compliantly.

The reasons for monitoring employees at work are as varied and different as multitude of industries and companies present in our economy. One thing that they all have in common is that despite the reason for monitoring, companies want to make sure that their monitoring is in compliance with the law and best practices for human resources. Monitoring employees can be beneficial for both the employer and employees but often employees don't see it that way and complain about infringement on privacy. This topic helps the persons responsible for making decisions about monitoring employees better understand the business reasons for monitoring employees and how to go about doing it in compliance with the laws and practicalities of the workplace. After this material, you will better be able to decide who and what you want to monitor in your workplace and the best way to communicate that to employees to ensure that they understand the reasons for the monitoring. Laying the foundation of why you monitor can eliminate the common claim of privacy violations by employees.


Sharon Jutila, AmeriBen/IEC Group


Top Reasons Why Employers Monitor Employees

• Efficiency

• Safety

• Documentation

Common Legal and Other Concerns Raised by Monitoring

• Federal Law

• State Law

• Privacy

Best Practices to Avoid Complaints by Employees

• What Do You Want to Accomplish With Monitoring?

• Using Policies and Acknowledgements

• When Signage Is Necessary

• Conversations With Employee About Results of Monitoring