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Utilizing Microsoft® Word™ Features and Functions

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Enjoy the time-saving benefit of learning shortcuts and must know automation features.Like all technology, the world of word processing changes just as fast as the world of the hardware on which it runs. Some changes are easy to figure out and some just need a little bit more explaining. In Word™ 2016 there are many old and new changes to explore. The topics discussed will cover customizing the Ribbon, keyboard shortcuts, how to create templates and style sheets, using VBA for Word™, Mail Merge, and more.


Jay R. Carlson, Jill A. Trehearne,


Old vs. New

• Menu Bar

• Ribbon

Keyboard Shortcuts

Customizing the Ribbon

• Adding Custom Tab

• Creating Group

• Adding Commands to Groups


• How to Create a Template


• How to Create Your Own Style Sheet

VBA for Word

• Learn How to Create Your Own Macro Using the Developer Tab

Inserting Objects

• Learn How to Insert File Such as Excel® Spreadsheets and PDFs

Using Quick Parts

• How to Insert Formulas and Total Sums in the Inserted Excel® Object

Mail Merge

• How to Merge Contacts Addresses, Emails, etc. Into an Existing Word™ Document

• How to Print to Documents for Further Editing, Send Directly to the Printer or Send via Email to Recipients