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How, When, and Why to Incorporate Your Business

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the basics of setting up a corporation, choosing a jurisdiction and making essential tax elections.If you are thinking of forming a corporation and want to understand the mechanics of doing so, then this course should be of interest to you. Many entrepreneurs and business persons want to know how to do it themselves, without using an attorney or a filing service. There is no reason you can't learn to navigate on-line filings systems available at most secretaries of state. This topic will provide you with the basics of setting up a corporation, choosing a jurisdiction and making some basic tax elections. The material will also discuss tax issues related to corporations in formation, operation and dissolution given the recent changes in corporate taxation to help you understand whether a corporation actually meets your needs.


Kevin Carmichael, MS, JD, LLM, CPA, Wood, Buckel & Carmichael, PLLC


Why Should I Incorporate a Business?

• Why Should I Incorporate?

• What Are the Benefits and Detriments of Incorporation?

• Is There an Alternative?

• Not for Profit vs. for Profit vs. Benefit Corporation

When to Incorporate Your Business

• The Search for Limited Liability in Business

• Tax Issues, Benefits and Detriments

• Corporations in Operation and Dissolution

How to Incorporate a Business

• What Are Articles of Incorporation and What Do They Contain?

• Incorporating the Old Way

• On-Line Filing in Sample Jurisdictions

• Should You Incorporate On-Line?

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