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Key Employment Laws Every Manager Should Know

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Learn key employment laws and other critical legal information all managers (not just HR) should know.There are many different laws that impact a workplace from both a federal and state perspective. Each year federal and state governments add additional legislation that affects our workplaces The risk of your managers not knowing what laws they are responsible for enforcing in the workplace can cause the company liability. This topic helps the manager become aware of all of the various laws that impact your company and its employees. When your managers are aware of what laws impact the employees they are managing and the workplace, they are more likely to see and report issues before they become legal concerns. Managers are the front line for company compliance laws discussed during this topic. Informed managers ensure your company is aware of and complaint with the key employment laws that impact employees and the workplace.


Sharon Jutila, IEC Group


Federal Laws Regarding Discrimination and Harassment

• Title VII

• Americans With Disabilities Act

• Age Discrimination in Employment Act

• Genetic Information Nondisclosure Act

Federal and State Laws Regarding Medical Leave

• Family Medical Leave Act

• Americans With Disabilities Act

• State Workers' Compensation

• State Family Leave Acts

Other Federal Laws

• Fair Labor Standards Act

• National Labor Relations Act

• Employee Polygraph Protection Act

• Occupational Health and Safety Act

• Fair Credit Reporting Act

• Break Time for Nursing Mothers