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The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Selling

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn valuable techniques to avoid common mistakes made by salespeople in order to ensure sustained success.Continue to make common and yet avoidable sales mistakes and it is only a matter of time before your competitors take your business and you lose market share. The world is changing but certain truths have not or will ever change and they are 1) people buy from organizations and people they trust; 2) the answer to sustained success is not technology but maintaining relationships with customers; 3) without a proven sales process you will never maintain consistent positive results; 4) if you fail to control the sale process you will waste time, resources, and effort; 5) if you don't keep getting better and smarter, sooner or later you will fail. Learn proven techniques, strategies, and approaches to avoid the common mistakes many salespeople make and how to develop and apply proven actions and steps to ensure sustained success.


Tim Connor, Connor Resource Group


Lack of Consistent Execution of a Proven Sales Process

• Why a Process Is Critical

• The Necessary Ingredients in a Sales Process

• The Consequences of Not Following a Process

Reliance on a Single Marketing or Communication Approach

• Why Technology Is Not Always the Only or Best Answer

• Have a Blending Process

• Know What Works by Keeping Accurate Sales Records

Poor Product/Service Messaging Concerning Prospect Needs, Desires, Goals, Problems

• Why People Buy

• Why People Don't Buy

• Basic Communication Skills for Effective Client Development

Failure to Control the Sales Relationship

• Establishing a Win-Win Strategy That Works for Everyone

• Closing Is Not a Transaction When It Comes to Buying

• Talking vs. Listening - What Is the Best Mix

Poor New Prospect and New Client Development and Attraction Strategies

• Failure to Have an Ideal Prospect Profile Wastes Time and Resources

• Avoid Spending Too Much Time With Poor Prospects

• Learn to Leverage Current Client Relationships