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Giving Employees Feedback That Returns Positive Results

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Engaged employees means productive employees. Increase engagement and productivity by providing feedback that motivates.Many employers claim their employees receive regular and detailed feedback regarding their performance and conduct. While that would be great, in reality that is rarely the case. While most employees want to know where they stand by receiving honest feedback, good and bad, most managers either don't know how, or are otherwise reluctant, to have truly honest communications with their subordinates. This topic will discuss the benefits of good feedback, the real harm (including specific legal risks) that can be caused by too little or poor feedback, and the steps that any employer can take to improve the quality and consistency of the feedback they provide.


A. Robert Fischer, Jackson Lewis P.C.



• Employees Like Feedback

• Managers Are Usually Bad at Giving Feedback - Little or No Training, Prefer Employees on Autopilot, or Prefer to Avoid Potentially Difficult Conversations

• Benefits of Good Feedback

• Risks of Bad Feedback

Practical Tips

• Examples of Good and Bad Feedback

• How to Set the Stage for an Honest Discussion

• How to Improve Managers' Ability to Provide Feedback

Specific Legal Risks to Avoid

• The Mcdonnell Douglas Standard and Its Practical Challenges

• Avoid Disparate Treatment Claims by Establishing the Legitimate and Non-Discriminatory Reasons for Your Actions

But the Real Benefit Is

• Increased Productivity That Comes From Having Engaged Employees

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