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Using Total Quality Management for Competitive Advantage

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how adopting the Total Quality Management Program will benefit your company. Most organizations recognize the importance of satisfying customers if they are to achieve financial performance goals. What is not as well- known is the importance of adopting Total Quality Management Programs with both the customer and the organization's employees in mind. Satisfied employees make satisfied customers possible. Therefore, it is imperative that the employee-customer interaction be treated as a single unit in implementing Total Quality Management initiatives. This topic helps persons responsible for its organization's Total Quality Management Program to integrate customer and employee concerns into its initiatives. The material will also help identify appropriate interventions that can assure customer and employee satisfaction.


Bob Churilla, Conflict Resolution Professionals Group


Implementing a Total Quality Management System

• Customer Emphasis

• Employee Involvement

• Process-Centered

• Developing an Integrated System

• Using a Strategic and Systematic Approach

• Striving for Continual Improvement

• Making Decisions Based on Facts and Data

• Developing a Communications Strategy

The Use of Human Sigma as Part of a TQM Program

• Managing the Employee-Customer Experience in Tandem

• The Role of Emotion in the Employee-Customer Interaction

• Measuring and Managing the Employee-Customer Interaction at a Local Level

• Measuring the Effectiveness of the Employee-Customer Interaction and Its Relationship to Financial Performance

• Improving Local Performance Through Transactional and Transformational Interventions

Specific Management Interventions for TQM Programs

• Action Planning

• Training

• Coaching

• Employee-Manager Selection, Development and Promotion

• Succession Planning

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