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Copywriting: Unique Elements and Proven Tips for Writing Powerful Copy

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of how to create effective copywriting formulas for writing strong, clear copy that sells.Human psychology, which is the key to selling in person, in print, and online, has not changed in ten centuries. Yet many of today's marketers are largely unaware of classic copywriting formulas, techniques, methods, and tactics that were common knowledge decades ago, and whose power has not diminished one iota today. In this topic you will discover time-tested principles for writing strong copy - copy that is clear, concise, attention-getting, and persuasive - in other words, copy that sells. These copywriting guidelines are proven to work across all marketing channels, and you will discover how to use them to improve results from every marketing campaign you write - from websites and landing pages, to email marketing and online advertising, to trade journal ads and direct mail.


Bob Bly, Bob Bly, Copywriter/Consultant


The Secret of the Big Promise

The 3-Part Unique Selling Proposition

The Secondary Promise

The Secret of the 4 U's

Understanding the Buyer's Core Complex With BDF

The Fab Pyramid of Features and Benefits

The 4 Legs of the Stool

The Motivating Sequence

The Secret of Abundant Proof

Easy-To-Use Copywriting Formulas That Work

The 6 Essential Elements of Irresistible Offers