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Essential Techniques for Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn strategies and approaches needed to effectively manage today's multigenerational workforce.For the first time in workplace history the workforce is comprised of employees representing four distinct generations: 1) veteran tried and true traditionals; 2) ageing baby boomers; 3) impatient gen x'ers; and 4) up and coming young gen y or millennial, workers. Each group has its own view of the world and the work world in particular. Performance and productivity is a critical requirement in a competitive global marketplace. In order to excel leadership's imperative is to foster effective, efficient and productive strategies to consistently obtain maximum results from its workforce. This knowledge-packed topic is provided to enhance the leadership skills of supervisors, managers and executives responsible for leading and managing their respective workforces. The content is also directed toward enhancing the skills mix of those new to management and supervision who are interested in learning about front-edge trends, new techniques and innovations in the workplace. You will learn how differences, if properly addressed, can help bridge generational gaps while maximizing employee productivity, enhancing individual fulfillment and increasing productivity and company profits. Ted Williams will share with you his observations, strategies and approaches regarding the emergent and long-term changes taking place in today's workplace and the impacts on the multigenerational workforce. The topic's focus is on identifying and responding effectively and efficiently to the new realities regarding how to prepare a workplace and workforce to support and sustain the 3 P's. - Performance, Productivity and Profits. One of the critical challenges confronting 21st century managers is how to continuously motivate, educate, develop and retain an extremely diverse workforce that includes traditionals, baby boomers, gen x'ers, and gen y/millennials. Strategies, techniques, tips, suggested approaches and case studies will be some of the components utilized in this material.


T. Hensley (Ted) Williams, J.D., The Williams Group


The New Workforce

Multigenerational Anger and Anxiety

Identifying and Addressing Generational Workplace Issues

The Motivators That Work for Each Generation's Wants and Needs

Sources of Multigenerational Conflict

Systemic Multigenerational Challenges That Employers Must Overcome

The Mismatch Between Multigenerational Skills and Employer Needs