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How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Don't suffer through online meetings, fix them fast and be empowered to experience productivity gains and happy participants giving you rave reviews.In a matter of weeks, the entire world is being forced to take meetings online. Some are succeeding and too many are failing. From lack of knowledge of the technology to crazy Internet disruptions to people who just do not understand how to run a successful meeting online as a lead or an attendee, the complaint list is growing. This fast-paced topic will give you a thorough overview of the online meeting landscape and the pros and cons of each one of them. This information also provides generic templates to allow you to create successful meeting rules/guidelines and agendas. Common problems experienced in online meetings and how to fix them technologically, culturally and operationally for the call leaders and the participants will also be addressed. Don't suffer any more through your online meetings, get them fixed fast and be empowered to experience productivity gains and happy participants giving you rave reviews.


Elizabeth Frisch, The Thrival Company


How to Move Into the Virtual Meeting Space Easily

• Determining What Is Most Important to You for Your Virtual Meeting to Properly Select Platform

• COVID-19 and the Mass of Virtual Meetings - What Are My Options Cost/Stability/Security (a Perusal of the Marketplace)

Virtual Meeting Policy Templates You Can Use and Adapt

• Facilitation Skills and Etiquette to Ensure a Productive Meeting

• Suggested Meeting Types and Agendas to Support the Meeting

Pros and Cons

• Audio Only, Video Plus Audio, Screen Share Only

• Recording Meetings and How to Protect Privacy

What to Have Ready Before the Meeting, What to Provide During the Meeting, and What to Send After the Meeting