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Auditing Worksheets in Microsoft® Excel®

OnDemand Webinar (81 minutes)

Learn what's happening behind the scenes in your Excel® workbook.

Excel®-based modeling and calculating are important components in many budgeting, reporting, and monitoring projects. Driven by ease of use, widespread adoption, and analytical power, the Excel® platform has become a cornerstone of modern business analytics. However, the depth and complexity of Excel®-based projects often increases the probability of formulaic errors running deep behind the scenes. In this topic, our guest speakers and Excel® experts, Jaime Campbell, CPA and Shana Wild, CPA will teach you one key process and many supporting techniques that will increase the robustness of project-based quality control efforts, from reviewing completed spreadsheets to using techniques which prevent those errors in the first place. This material is perfect for business owners and managers, supervisors, associates, administrative professionals, analysts, CFOs, controllers, bookkeepers, accountants and attorneys.


Jaime Campbell, CPA, MBA, Tier One Services, LLC Shana Wild, CPA, MSPA, Tier One Services, LLC


Error Trapping



How to Avoid Embarrassing Moments by Using Formulas to Make Sure Your Report Headers Always Match Your Report Data

How to Use the COUNTIF Function to Catch Structural Errors

How to Trace Precedents and Dependents to Quickly Follow the Flow of Formulas

How to Determine Where Exactly a Complicated Formula Kicks out an Error

The Watch Window

How to Increase Your Suavé by Hiding Your Secret Error Trapping Area