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Sensitivity Training for Supervisors

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Grasp a better understanding on how to develop training for supervisors around sensitivity and diversity and inclusion.Are you taking steps to avoid the perception of insensitivity? Diversity categories are extensive and are expanding rapidly. They essentially cover the full spectrum of human differences. As a leader, how do you comprehend and address all of them. The topic of sensitivity in the workplace has emerged at the top of most company's list of priorities in recent years. Sexual harassment charges in Hollywood, government, education, sports and business have exploded. Race relations have been fragile to say the least and according to Gallup, 42% of Americans saying that they worry a great deal about race relations. These are just a few of the hot button issues that directly related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This topic will provide methods to develop awareness and acceptance to a diverse workforce which is inclusionary and benefits the organization as a whole. An aware supervisor who uses these tools will be more responsive and thereby more sensitive to the workforce and its needs. Sensitivity encompasses diversity, inclusion and focusing on the talents of the overall workforce and empowers the leadership to motivate and encourage employee engagement.


Larry Hammond Sr., V1H Consulting Irma Vargas, V1H Consulting


What Is Sensitivity in the Workplace?

• Ensuring That Everyone in the Workplace Is Respected and Treated Appropriately

• Learning to Consider the Perspectives of Others

• Learn About and Understand People Who Are Different From Ourselves

Assess a Team's Talent and Strengths

• Develop a Better Awareness of Group Dynamics and Their Roles in the Group

• Developing an Environment of Trust

• Learning to Value Others for Their Talents and Strengths

Diversity and Inclusion

• Diversity - Who Is Your Team?

• Inclusion - Celebrating Who Is on Your Team

• Getting Leaders to Do the Right Thing