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An "Internet of Things" Privacy and Security Primer: What Every Attorney, Privacy and Compliance Officer Should Know

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Data privacy and security risks are increasing for every company.

Gain a better understanding of privacy compliance, risks, and the steps needed to protect your business. The 'Internet of Things' is expanding at an accelerated pace and includes a variety of consumer-facing devices. Across sectors, IoT devices are as diverse as the industries that use them. These devices, however, share two important attributes: They can collect, store, and transmit personally-identifiable information, and they can be compromised. Whether a data breach results from device malfunction, negligence, loss, theft, or intentional intrusion, the user and device manufacturer face significant financial and reputational injury. While it is vitally important that IoT data retain confidentiality, integrity, and availability, both the IoT threat environment, and organizational vulnerabilities, can put data at risk. This topic will help you understand how to better protect IoT data, and by doing so, better protect your customers - and your organization.


Siddharth (Sid) Bose, JD, Ice Miller LLP Kimberly C. Metzger, MSW, JD, Ice Miller LLP


Interconnectivity: Threat Environment and Internal Pain Points

• Unique Challenges in IoT

• Meeting the Challenge: Identifying Organizational Vulnerabilities

Assessing and Managing Risk to Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

• Creating a Comprehensive Data Map: What Do You Have, and How Does It Flow?

• Performing a Robust Risk Analysis: Identifying and Classifying Risk

• Implementing an Effective Risk Management Plan: Reducing Risk to a Reasonable, Acceptable Level

• What Say the Regulators? Input From FTC, OCR, and the GLBA

Effective Contracting in the IoT Environment

• Contracting as a Risk Management Tool

• Negotiating Data Ownership

Helping Your Workforce Help Itself

• Fitting Your Armor: Understanding and Identifying Social Engineering and Spear Phishing

• Turning the Tide: Implementing Effective Cyber-Hygiene Policies

Helping Your Customers Help Themselves

• Empowering Consumers Through Notice and Choice

• Protecting Your Business by Protecting Others