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Product Demos That Sell: Best Practices to Close More Sales

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Learn how to give powerful product demos that close deals and win more sales.The quickest road to a sale is allowing a customer to touch and feel the product or service. Test drives are used in automobile sales so that customers can feel the experience. Selling professionals today must conduct product sales in a way that help to close more sales in less time. This topic will provide to all sales people and sales managers easy methods to tighten call cadence and lessen the gaps to fulfilling higher sales closure. How many times have you suffered through demonstrations only to say 'I will never get that time back?' Or, how many times have you suffered through demonstrations that focus so intently on technology - only to have it not function? Demonstrations when focused on product or done poorly only frustrate the client and turn them away. When done well, they hasten the sales cycle. If you want sales hacks to help quicken sales closure, then this is the topic for you. Learn how to quickly engage prospective clients and close more business.


Drew Stevens, Ph.D., Stevens Consulting Group


Use the Art of Preparation - Customers Know Too Much

Conduct a Client Discover - Know the Wants and Needs

Begin With the End in Mind

Remember David Ogilvy - Tell the Story

It Is Not About the What - It Is All About the Why

Take Your Hands off the Wheel - the Apple Method

Use Case Study to Tell Your Story

Interaction Is Crucial for Success