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Understanding Open Source Legal Issues and Practical Approaches For Mitigating Risk

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of legal and security issues with open source software.Many business use open source software regularly. This program will address the critical issues that companies face with respect to the use of open source software in business including intellectual property and licensing issues, as well as issues that may arise as part of a sale of the business or intellectual property assets. In this program we will explore open source licensing models and what issues commonly arise with open source licensing, paying particular attention to how to handle copyright and other provisions of open source licenses. This program will also consider key compliance issues with respect to the use of open source software in business and how companies can develop and implement a strategy for protecting the company against risks associated with the use of open source software in business. We will discuss open source issues using real world examples and provide extensive guidance with respect to how to handle and use open source software.


James G. Gatto, SheppardMullin


Overview of Open Source Legal Issues

• How Open Source Licenses Differ From Proprietary Licenses

• How Open Source Usage Can Impact Proprietary Software

• Patent Issues With Open Source

• Open Source in SaaS and Cloud Deployments

Practical Guidance for Mitigating Open Source Legal Risks

• How to Develop and Implement Open Source Policies and Procedures

• Pre-Approval of Open Source Usage

Managing Open Source Issues in Manda

• How to Handle Open Source Diligence

• How and When to Use Open Source Code Scanning Tools

• How to Address Open Source in Manda Agreements