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Making Sales Using Voicemail: It Can Be Done

OnDemand Webinar (52 minutes)

Learn the secret to leaving successful voicemails that guarantee callbacks and boost sales.When you read this topic's title you probably said to yourself, 'that is impossible. How can I use voice mail to sell?' Well, I am not saying that voicemail all by itself will make the sale, but used as a compliment to what you are doing, it will save you time and effort in getting the message across. The issue with voicemail is that sales people do not use it properly. Their messages are too long or too short. They never get to the point and even more extreme is they never think it through. That is what they really want to accomplish in any message.


Stephan Schiffman,, Inc.


How to Determine What to Say

How to Say It

What Products Sell Best Over Voice Mail

When to Use a Webinar

Finding the Right Person

Researching the Company

Getting the Person to Call You Back

Scripting the Message

Handing the Objections

What to Do When It All Goes Dead

And More...