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Business Etiquette - Tips and Rules You Need to Follow

OnDemand Webinar (111 minutes)

Learn the guidelines of business etiquette to communicate respectfully, professionally, and confidently with both your colleagues and clients.Business professionals today are having trouble understanding why rapport is getting harder to build. First impressions are lacking and basic business skills are needed again in the workplace and professional arena. This topic will give you the beginning building blocks to succeed at creating a good first impression and simple strategies, using philosophies and guidelines taught in American Business Etiquette. From how to give a proper business handshake to using etiquette to create a better network of referrals for business, this topic is sure to give you relevant suggestions to increase your viability in your job and marketplace.


Michael Kaleikini, B.A., ABETA, Victory Media and FE2 Performance


What Is Your Handshake Saying?

• Origin of the Handshake - Earliest Recorded

• Why Do People Shake Hands?

• How Do You Start to Engage With a Handshake?

• Gender Specific Facing vs. Angled

• The 1/6th Eyebrow Flash - Windows Are the Eyes to the ____ (Desmond Morris Study)

• Proper Procedure of the Handshake in American Business Etiquette

Small Talk or Perish

• Use the 30 Day Rule

• Example and Reflection - Biking

• Example 2 - Charity

• Creating Small Talk at Meals

Technology Etiquette

• Technology Has Taken Over

• Things to Remember When Doing Business

• Put the Phone Down

• Email Etiquette

• Sign It Correctly

• IM Etiquette

Using Etiquette in 21st Century Networking

• New Relationships

• It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know

• Netweaving vs. Networking

• Watch Your Attitude

• Treat Your Business Cards Like Gold

• Watch Your Time

• Don't Talk Politics

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