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Identifying Low Employee Morale and Mitigating Negative Impacts to Your Bottom Line

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Learn how to improve workplace morale by keeping your employees engaged, responsible, and happy.

Employees have two ways of exiting your organization; they can quit and leave, or they can quit and stay. Our job is to make sure that the latter does not happen. In this fast paced topic, we will discuss simple ideas in proper hiring to ensure higher levels of morale through increased employee engagement, thus, reducing morale issues the first day of the new job. We will also talk about how the performance evaluation process can influence morale. You will gain insight into the performance evaluation process, as well as its affect on morale. Also discussed will be hard charging, yet easy to implement actions on creating a culture of highly engaged morale. This information is critical for anyone tasked with the responsibility of creating highly engaged and passionately responsible employees.


Biagio W. Sciacca, PhD, Intelligent Motivation, Inc.


Low Morale Begins With Proper Hiring

• The Right Person for the Right Job

• Task vs. People

How Leadership Style Affects Morale

• Autocratic

• Democratic

• Free-Rein

Performance Feedbacks and Employee Morale

• Nothing New in a PF

• Summary of Past Year

• Keep Separate Files or Notes

• Catch Employees Doing Something Right

Creating a Pro Morale Environment Culture

• Celebrate Employee Successes

• Give Ongoing Feedback

• Involve Workers in Department/Company Decisions

Terminating the Nonresponsive Employee

• Begin the Progressive Discipline Policy

• Give the Employee an Opportunity to Excel Somewhere Else