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Where Did the Time Go? 5 Ways to Accomplish a Lot More in a Day

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Increase your daily personal productivity and accomplish what you want without feeling burnt out.When you ask most professionals how they are doing, they will say they are 'busy.' They might say that they 'wish they had more time in a day.' Although we cannot technically create more than 24 hours in a day, this topic will outline clear and proven strategies to make the most of each day. Most of us desire to accomplish more than we do each day. You will walk away with strategies that anyone can put to use immediately, resulting in an immediate and tangible gain in personal productivity.


Carol Williams, Efficient Productivity Systems (EpS)


Business Professionals Are Constantly Busy Today, Having to Respond Quickly and Constantly With the Technology We Have; Review 5 Strategies to Accomplish More in a Day

• Meetings: Faster and More Effective

- Timelines

- Agenda

- Follow-up

• Multitasking: Limiting and Creating a Mindful Plan

- Interruptions

- Managing Multiple Priorities

- Focusing

• Ideas: Capturing and Retrieving Efficiently

- Electronic

- Paper

- Routines

• Organizing Each Day: Being Clear, Focused, and Flexible

- Book-Ending

- Prioritizing: 4 Steps

- The Power of One Theme

• Proper Pre-Work: A Critical Step to the Best Days Ever

- Fireproofing

- Communicating With Your Colleagues