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Moving Beyond the Gatekeeper

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn proven strategies to reach the decision maker.

Anyone can approach an organization; not everyone can get in. The first step in business-to-business sales is getting in the door. It doesn't matter if you have the greatest product or the most dynamic presentation if you can't get in front of the decision maker. That decision maker is often highly guarded by a savvy gatekeeper who screens out sales calls--leaving even talented, experienced salespeople frustrated by their inability to get access to the right people.

Success in sales approaches comes through impressing key decision makers. This topic addresses how to get the initial appointment and offers proven methods for getting through to the decision makers. Influence isn't always where you expect, and the content presents specific principles and techniques that can work wonders in getting you the appointment.


EksAyn Anderson, EKS Communications LLC


Introduction and Discussion of Negotiation Principles and Techniques

• Principles Are Like Gravity--They Are Just "There." We Can Align Ourselves With Principles (for Example, With Gravity: Build a Hydroelectric Dam, Start a Skydiving Company) or Ignore Them to Our Peril (Carelessly Falling off a Cliff). Examples of How to Differentiate Principles From Techniques

• How Truly Understanding Universal Human-Relations Principles in Your Business Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Success

How to Get Past Gatekeepers

• Selling to Organizations Requires a Unique Approach and Often Involves Getting Past a Gatekeeper to a Decision Maker

• Basic Human-Relation Principles Can Have a Profound Impact When Selling to Organizations and Getting Past the Gatekeepers

• Examples of Human-Relation Principles in Action: Bank Experience; Getting an Appointment With a High-Level Director in an Organization

• Discuss How Principle of the Golden Rule and How Positive Reinforcement Is Specifically Applied to Getting Past Gatekeepers

• Influence Flows Downhill When Approaching Businesses: How to Use "Jujitsu Email"

• Negotiating for the Appointment: How to Approach Questions the Gatekeeper Will Likely Ask

Additional Principle-Based Sales Techniques for Getting Appointments

• Taking Great Notes: Discuss What to Note on Each Call When Trying to Get the Appointment and How to Use These Notes to Build Rapport and Differentiate Yourself

• Assumptive Questioning: Discuss the Difference Between an Open-Ended Question and an Assumptive Question and Understand How and When to Use Each in Getting Past Gatekeepers

• The Dance vs. the Chase: How to Avoid Typical Sales Approaches That Tend to Chase Away Decision Makers/Clients and Instead Have Them Chasing You