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Best Practices to Improve Your Communication Skills

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Learn how to eliminate negative attitudes and improve relationships with clear workplace communication.Even though communication is the lifeblood of any organization, it's almost impossible to find a company, department or team that doesn't have a communication breakdown or barrier at one time or another. Poor workplace communication leads to more than just individual frustration. It causes conflict; it contributes to low morale; it makes finishing even the easiest of tasks difficult - which ultimately leads to decreased productivity, lower results and diminished success. Learn the principles and strategies that you need to open up communication, break down the barriers to communication and improve your work environment. With clear communication, you'll eliminate negative attitudes; improve relationships, increase job satisfaction and measurably impact productivity. With improved communication, you can free people from conflict and confusion so that they can focus on what's really important.


Guy Harris, The Kevin Eikenberry Group


Defining Communication

• Consider the Definition of Communication and What That Implies About Effective Communication

Common Communication Challenges

• Learn to Identify Three Common Communication Challenges in Order to Avoid Them

• Special Challenges of Written Communication

Overcoming Common Communication Challenges

• Perception Filters

• Nonspecific or Unclear Language

• Assumptions - Yours and Theirs

Specific Communication Strategies

• Listener/Reader Focus

• Reducing Threat Triggers

• Assertive Strategies

• Feedback Loops