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How to Deal Effectively With the Influencer

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)
  • Learn tips and tricks you can implement now to better understand the influencer and what role they play in the sales process.More and more often sales people have to go through influencers when pitching their products or service. Learn how to deal with and effectively close the person standing between you and the decision maker. What you'll learn: How to qualify for and identify roles of influencers How to get buy in at the end of your presentation What you need to know about the real decision process Why trial closes are your best tools How to ask for the sale with an influencer


Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales


What Is an Influencer?

What You Need to Know About Every Influencer

Identifying and Qualifying the Influencer

Qualifying Questions for an Influencer

What You Need to Know Before Your Presentation

Closing the Influencer

Dealing With Objections

Getting Buy-in From the Influencer

Qualifying for Process

Getting Final Buy-in From the Influencer