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Show Me the Money: Determining Return on Investment for People, Projects and Programs

OnDemand Webinar (78 minutes)

ROI isn't a simple calculation - Learn how to determine the financial return on investment for your business. "Show me the money" is the mantra of the day. Senior leaders in private sector, public sector, and social sector organizations want to see value for investments made in people, projects and programs. This value, more than ever before, is defined in terms of return on investment. Until you can produce solid, verifiable numbers that prove the worth of investments, you may never gain the respect and leverage necessary to keep your processes moving forward. The ROI Methodology is the most applied and documented approach to addressing this needed accountability. By developing six types of measures, the ROI Methodology not only helps you determine the financial return on investment in your programs, but also provides data that will allow you to improve your programs.


Patti P. Phillips, Ph.D., ROI Institute, Inc.


Levels of Value

• Five Levels of Value

• Representing Results Important to All Stakeholders

• Six Types of Data That Tell the Complete Story of Program Success

ROI Methodology

• 10 Steps in the ROI Methodology Process Model

• 12 Guiding Principles That Serve as Standards of Application

• Examples of Application


• Next Steps to Help You and Your Organization Move Forward With This Comprehensive Approach to Accountability

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