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Speech Writing Fundamentals and Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Learn best practices and tips in researching, writing, and delivering speeches. Many new and first-time speakers fear the audience more than they are concerned with the actual presentation. They may know the material inside and out but have no clue as to how to deliver a concise, engaging presentation with solid audience takeaways. This topic will help the novice to intermediate presenter write a more concise and effective presentation and gain skills in delivery to make it more effective. This topic is critical to the presenter who wants to ensure that the audience remembers and acts on what is most important.


Melanie Hope, Hope Speaking LLC


Brainstorming and Researching Your Topic

• Nailing Down Your Main Point

• Mapping the Sub Points

• Finding and Verifying Facts; Crediting the Source

Writing for the Sake of the Audience

• How to Use Alliteration, Stories, and the Rule of Three

• How to Infuse Humor (Even If You're Not Funny)

- Topics to Avoid for Any Audience

• How to Edit for Maximum Effectiveness

Delivery Techniques to Rock the Room

• How to Use Your Voice

• Blocking: How to Move Purposefully

• Visual Aids Do's and Don'ts

• Endings With Momentum

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