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Don't Let Your Best Employees Bail

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Understand why the best employees leave and what you can do to sway their decision before they exit.

The U.S. government reports that between 2.7 and 2.8 million employees voluntarily quit their jobs every month. Recruiters are leveraging Twitter®, Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Pinterest® and Instagram® to lure your best employees away. This topic helps decision makers determine their vulnerability for losing A players and provides practical action items to become a destination company for the best employees. Too often we are our own worst enemies with policies and procedures that actually drive good people away. Discover the motivation of any employee and management practices that encourage and sustain A players. Learn the #1 reason good people leave and options to put a stop to the mass exodus. Get out of the babysitting business. It's hard work, but not complicated. Just ONE conversation can change an entire corporate culture.


Hunter Lott, Hunter Lott


How to Stop the Revolving Door of "A" Players Leaving?

• What the Best Employees Complain About

• Stop Wasting Time With Exit Interviews

• Conducting Stay Interviews - Why Should an "A" Player Stay?

Motivation: What Do the Best Employees Really Want?

• Two Questions to Understand the Motivation of Any Employee

• Millennials and the Entitlement Myth

• Loyalty Is Overrated

Policies and Practices to Retain the Best Employees, Get out of the Babysitting Business

• Behavior Standard

• Micromanaging Policies on Attendance, Sick Leave, Bereavement, Dress Codes, Dating and Talking Salaries That Suck the Life out of the Best Employees

Action Items

• Call Back Interviews With Former Employees

• Stay Interviews

• Catch Employees Doing It Right

• Business Open House

• Gold Star Business Cards

• Termination as a Reward to Good People

• Tell Your Story

Close: You Get the Employees You Deserve