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Website Optimization Best Practices for Your Business

OnDemand Webinar (55 minutes)

Learn a data-driven process for getting more leads, sales, and revenue from your website.

Website optimization is both the most powerful and the most neglected digital marketing strategy available to any marketer or business owner. Making your site perform better allows you to make more money out of the traffic you already get. That means more profit, which can be reinvested to outspend your competition and dominate your market. While new technologies have made website optimization available to everyone, it's rarely used to its full potential.

Learn how to understand your market, develop your online sales pitch, and run scientific tests that make real, long-term impacts on your bottom-line. Most importantly, you will discover an approach that unlocks continuous improvement - not only online, but throughout your business.


Ben Wills, Decoder Digital LLC


Why Website Optimization Is the Key to Winning Online

• How You Can Make More Money From the Traffic You Already Have

• How Increased Profitability Allows You to Outspend the Competition

• Proof That This Works (a Few Mini-Case Studies)

How to Take a Data-Driven Approach to Website Optimization

• Why Process Beats Best Practice, Every Time

• Understanding Your Market

• Optimizing Your Sales Pitch

The Website Optimization Process

• Learn - How to Test the Right Elements

• Build - How to Execute Your Ideas

• Measure - How to Choose the Right Metrics

Understanding Your Market

• How to Find out What Your Customers Are Really Thinking

• How to Measure Online Behavior

• How to Analyze Your Market Using the "Buy Cycle"

Developing and Testing Your Sales Pitch

• The "Big Three" Conversion Factors: Usability, Value and Trust

- Usability - How to Design for Digital

- Value - How to Position Your Offer

- Trust - How to Establish Credibility

• How to Outsmart Bias (and Internal Politics) With Data

• How to Avoid Common Mistakes

• How to Extrapolate Wins to the Rest of Your Business