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Smart Lead Generation Tactics for Sales Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Updating your lead generation strategy will help you not only generate more leads, but also connect with buyers in a new way.Many companies that are selling products or services are finding it increasingly difficult to generate quality leads. It is hard to connect with prospective customers in a meaningful way that engages them in the sales process. This topic helps people responsible for lead generation to take the next step in creating demand by connecting customers with their needs. The content will examine customer needs based on where they are in the buying cycle and what their roles are in the decision making process. You will receive specific techniques to attract and help these buyers connect with your company, products, or services. This topic is critical for anyone wanting to take lead gen to the next gen.


Janet A. Gregory, KickStart Alliance


Align Lead Generation to the Buying Cycle

• Myth: Lead Gen Is the First Step of the Sales Cycle

• Tip: How to Generate Leads as Customers Prioritize, Evaluate, and Decide

Recognize the Lead Role of Your Lead

• Trap: Leads Are Buyers and/or Decision Makers

• Trick: Tune Lead Generation Messages for Recommenders and Rejecters

Help Busy, Demanding, Informed Buyers

• Methods for Not Getting Trapped in All the Noise

• How to Generate More Leads by Helping Customers Investigate and Evaluate

Build Trust

• How to Mash up Company Brand, Personal Image, and Customer Presence to Build Trust

• Three (and More) Proven Techniques for Building Trust

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