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Contain the Clutter: How to Address the Mess on Your Employee's Desk

OnDemand Webinar (54 minutes)

Learn to communicate with your employees about messy work stations and how it impacts your organization.

People's perceptions vary and each individual has their own definition of cleanliness and order. When working in an office/shared work-space, this can prove to be quite the challenge. Discuss the issues dealing with the employee that can't seem to get it together and/or is oblivious to the clutter and often chaos surrounding them. It will speak of methods and tips on how to approach and deal the specific employee, in addition to training and implementation on a company-wide level.


Penina Eichler, Organizational Solutions


How to Address the Messy Workstation

• Observing and Assessing

• Identifying the Causes/Reasons

• Approaching the Employee

Why an Orderly Workstation Matters

• Impact on the Business

Key Components

• Ongoing Communication

• Integration of Supervisors in the Process

• Training

Best Practices

• Methods to Implement and Maintain