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All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go - Enhance Health, Wellness and Productivity by Managing Stress

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Don't stress about stress.

Understand different techniques you and your team can use to make your life less worrisome. Mastering Stress -- the nonstop pressures and demands of your work, family, and personal life -- is one of the greatest challenges you must face, today and in the years ahead. As the pace and complexity of life continue to increase, it is essential to effectively manage the pressures you face at work and at home. This stress topic attacks stress from a knowledge level as well as an application and problem solving level. It includes cognitive and effective objectives so that you understand all facets of stress, know how to respond to stressors, and are able to take responsibility for your own stress functioning.


Karla Brandau, CEO, Workplace Power Institute


Stress - a Conceptual Understanding - This Module Discusses What Stress Is and Explains the:

• Concepts of Stress in Physiological Terms Describing Stress Arousal

• Differences in Stress, Distress and Eustress

• General Adaptation Syndrome as Discovered by Hans Seyle

• "Fight-Or-Flight" Response

Personal Coping Strategies - You Are Encouraged to Identify and Make Plans to Implement Your Own Stress Reduction Plan as the Program Explores How to:

• Give the Right Amount of Attention to Self-Care

• Improve Situation Mastery

• Monitor Personal Control Limits

• Reduce Perfectionism

• Exercise the Power of Choice

• Evaluate Letting Go and Taking Direct Action

• Overcome Negative Emotions

• Increase Flexibility and Adaptability

• Improve the Inner World of Thoughts, Feelings, and Self Worth

• Control Behavioral and Emotional Symptoms of Stress