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Why Didn't We Think of That? Sales Meeting Musts

OnDemand Webinar (82 minutes)

Unlock the secret to sales meeting success with proven ways to increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

With the average amount of time it takes for meeting attendees to turn off and tune out - less than 11 minutes into their meeting - it's important to produce better solutions. Too often side conversations, texting and emailing interruptions result if no one is participating. Effective meetings must be well orchestrated to stay on topic, start and end on time, share relevant data, and challenge ideas rather than people.

From the obvious - stay on topic to bring paper and pen to the less recognized need for an agenda to be distributed in advance of the meeting - this ondemand webinar draws on the understandings of many experts and the results are rich and useful. You will find ideas, insights and practical suggestions with something for almost everyone and every situation. When the principles covered in this ondemand webinar are incorporated into sales meetings the results are dramatically enhanced.


James Feldman, CITE, CPIM, CPT, MIP, Shift Happens


Prepare Everything

• Define Your End Results Then Create the Path to Get There

• Meeting Room, AV, Refreshments, Etc.

• 2xP=M2 The Winning Formula

Advise Your Attendees in Advance

• Review Their Pre-Planning Suggestions

• Be Selective With Invitations

Condense the Goals

• Refine It

• Publish It

• Do Not Deviate From What You Published

Manage an Idea Exchange

• Technology Must Add Value to the Meeting

• Start on Time; End on Time

• Refer to #1

Assign Tasks, Assignments, etc.

• Take Minutes and Distribute Within 24 Hours

• Reward Results, Not Effort

• Upon Conclusion of Every Meeting Look for Feedback

New Solutions

• What Was the Best Thing Before Sliced Bread?

• Measurement

• Evaluation and Pre-Planning for Next Meeting