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SEO Compliance: Improve Rankings and Avoid Penalties

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

It's a balancing act. Your search engine optimization tactics need to evolve in order to keep up with increasingly more SEO savvy and aggressive competitors. Yet on the other hand, your website must also be squeaky clean and compliant with the various spam-catching Google® algorithms like Panda and Penguin and also able to survive intense human scrutiny by Google engineers and their army of quality raters One misstep and it's game over. It's hard to recover from a penalty - whether it's algorithmic or manual.

There is no such thing as flying under the radar when it comes to Google®. If you are operating outside of Google®'s current or future guidelines (knowingly or inadvertently), it's just a matter of time. You may not have gotten caught yet, but your day may be coming. More and more SEOs are using aggressive SEO tactics and moving into dangerous territory as the guidelines continue to broaden. What if Google® is archiving your efforts for future review, to uncover what it can't right now due to current limitations? Do you really want to be profiled retroactively as a spammer?

Benefits for You

- Learn the latest in white hat& SEO tactics

- Discern between Google® manual and algorithmic penalties, and between Google® algorithms such as Panda and Penguin

- Distance yourself from the rogue operators in the SEO industry

- Stay competitive but without the risks

- Gain a solid understanding of the best practices and the worst practices

- Understand Where Keywords Stand in an Age of Not Provided


Stephan M. Spencer, M.Sc., Koshkonong LLC


Best Practices

• In Keyword Selection - How Hummingbird Changed the Way We Must View Keywords

• With SEO Copy Writing and HTML Coding

• Site Architecture and Technical Issues

• Why You Might Need Some Link Detox

Worst Practices and Spam

• Inadvertent but Costly Mistakes (e.g. Duplicate Content)

• Doorway Pages, Sneaky Redirects and Other Risky Business

• Link Buying and Link Spamming - Is There a Difference

• Astroturfing - How Being Sneaky Will Ultimately Cost You Big

SEO Myths and Misinformation

• The SEO Snake Oil Salesmen Who Perpetuate SEO Myths

• Correlation vs. Causation

• The More Contentious Myths - They Just Won't Die