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5 Things Customers Won't Tell You ... but You Need to Know

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Understand what customers need from you (and it's not just a lower price) so you'll have a fighting chance to close the deal.

It's down to you and three other vendors. The customer says you have got to do better on your price. The pressure is on. Close the sale and you'll hit your numbers. Lose it and you'll be scrambling for crumbs elsewhere. The problem is, you're about as low as you can go. Do you lower your price even more and hope that is enough? Should you stand firm and risk losing out? Do you just walk away because you cannot go any lower?

The answer is none of the above. Too many prospects and customers love to lead salespeople into believing it's all about price. But in most cases it's #3 or #4 on their list of priorities. So what do you do? If you don't get to the hidden issues that will motivate them to choose you over others, you're just rolling the dice and hoping your number will come up. That's a scary sales strategy.

Join Paul Cherry as he shares with you the 5 Things Customers Won't Tell You ... but You Need to Know. You'll learn practical ideas to sharpen your sales strategy to win more sales, with less effort and at higher margins.


Paul Cherry, Performance Based Results



• Why Customers Don't Share This Information

• Tactics to Get Them to Disclose Their Budgets

• When and When Not to Submit a Proposal Without a Budget

Decision Makers and Influencers

• Understand and Manage the Decision Making Process

• Gain Access to Those Influencing the Decision

Price Versus Value

• Determining How Customers Define Value

• How to Sell Your Value so the Customer Buys

Hidden Motivations

• Uncovering Your Customer's Motive

• How to Instigate Your Customer to Act on Your Solution

Obstacles and Objections

• Identifying Roadblocks to the Sale

• How to Qualify If You Have a Legitimate Opportunity

• Create a Sense of Urgency