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How to Come Out on Top When Dealing With Negative Reviews

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Reputation has surpassed economic and business model concerns as the #1 strategic risk for large businesses, according to a 2013 Deloitte survey. With an increase in online reputation attacks, many companies are afraid they cannot control public perception. After all, virtually anyone with a desire to harm a business can easily do so by posting false statements online. Every solution to an online reputation attack is fact-dependent, with circumstances such as jurisdiction, available claims, potential damage, client's budget, and attacker's characteristics needing to be considered. Despite the uniqueness of each attack, a company should not wait until it is harmed to act. Instead, it should have a program in place to prevent or mitigate damage. This ondemand webinar will teach you how to protect, monitor, and defend against online reputation attacks.

Benefits for You

- Learn why online reputation is so significant for businesses

- Learn why online reputation attacks can be so damaging, and impactful on your company's bottom line

- Learn how to take affirmative steps to improve your company's online reputation, without creating legal or reputational risks

- Learn how to cost-effectively monitor your reputation and detect online attacks

- Learn the many types of solutions that can protect your company in various unique circumstances


Whitney C. Gibson, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP


Overview of Online Reputation Concerns

• Reputation Is the #1 Strategic Concern Among Large Businesses, per Deloitte

• Damaging Content Can Spread Quicker, More Easily to a Wider Audience, and Records Can Be Stored Longer

• Online Reputation Attacks Originate From Many Different Sources

Many Review Sites Do Not Accurately Portray Businesses

• Many Reviews are Fake

• Many Have a Limited Number of Reviews, Thus Companies Often Suffer From a Sampling Bias

• Review Websites Rank High on Search Engines and Consumers Are Increasingly Becoming Trustworthy of Online Reviews, Thus False Portrayals Can Greatly Impact Your Online Reputation

Steps to Handle Negative Impacts of Reviews

• Maintain a Program to Increase Quantity/Quality of Online Reviews Without Creating Legal or Reputational Risks

• What a Review Program Should and Should Not Be

• Monitor: Implement a Program to Monitor What is Being Said About Your Company Online and the Importance of Early Detection of Online Reputation Attacks That Will Detect Online Reputation Attacks Early

Tools for Handling Negative Reviews

• Companies Cannot Use the Same Tool to Try to Fix Every Problem/Tactics for Removing Damaging Material from the Internet

• Solutions are Fact-Dependent

• Choosing the Right Approach Involves a Balancing of Factors: Harm vs. Costs, Risks, Likelihood of Success