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Leveraging Sales Force Compensation to Drive Change

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Learn how to build, improve, and maintain a strategic sales compensation plan that will push reps to focus on strategic priorities.

For senior executives and sales leaders alike, effectively aligning the interests of the sales force with evolving business priorities is an ongoing challenge. Because the sales force is, for most organizations, an overwhelmingly important key to go-to-market effectiveness, ensuring that the sales team remains in sync with those evolving strategic priorities is crucial. That is where leveraging sales compensation as a communication and change management tool comes in. However, when faced with the task of considering a change to the comp plan, many confounding questions tend to arise, such as, "We just changed the plan a year ago; should we really be doing this again?" "Who should own the process and who should be involved?" "How do we know if our plan is competitive?" This on-demand webinar is directed at the leaders and managers entrusted with the task of leading the design of sales compensation plans for their respective organizations, and will focus on delivering practical insights and how-to steps that can be employed immediately.


J. Mark Davis, Valitus Group, Inc.


Drivers of Compensation Plan Change

• Common Perceptions From Management and From the Field Sales Organization

• Research-Based Statistics on the Prevalence of Plan Change

• Internal and External Drivers of Sales Compensation Plan Change

The Strategic Context for Evaluating and Designing Sales Compensation Plans

• Where Sales Compensation Resides Relative to Other Drivers of Sales Force Effectiveness

• The Impact of an Organization's Position in Its Growth Cycle on Sales Compensation

• The Importance of Role Clarity and the Impact of Role "Prominence" on the Sales Compensation Plan

Basic Building Blocks of a Compelling Sales Compensation Plan

• Key Plan Design Elements

• The Proper Sequence of Each Plan Design Decision

The Implementation Process - Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Sales Organization

• Keys to Change Management Success

• Basic Implementation Process Steps and Considerations