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5 Steps to Better Media Investments

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

This on-demand webinar will cover the best practices for investing in media to reach your desired demographic. We will give you the inside "how-to" that will allow you to negotiate the best rates and the most value-added for your dollar. This information can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising.

Benefits for You

- You will learn the resources for best defining your advertising investment dollars.

- You will learn to pay at or below Fair Market Value to talk to your customers.

- You will learn to set the correct metrics for your advertising success.

- You will learn how to save money by finding mistakes.

- You will learn to leverage and dimensionalize your media presence.


Eileen Keller, CEO, Blitz Media Labs


Step One: Know Yourself

• Are You Solving Problems or Are You Selling Your Business? Are You a Newborn Business or Are You Having a Midlife Business Crisis?

Step Two: Who Needs You?

• The CEO Thinks Everyone Who Rides His Planes Is Just Like Him - but the Research Shows Something Else ... You Can't Buy the Wrong People and Get the Right Return

Step Three: Where Do They Spend Time?

• Defining the Points of Reference for Your Peoples' Decisions Is Imperative. You Want to Buy Time and Space Where They Look for Answers

Step Four: Fair Market Value Is for Everyone

• The Media Will Sell You Time and Space at What They Hope You Will Pay. We Will Teach You How to Buy Media at What You Need to Pay to Reach Your Audience and Have a Response. You Don't Work for the Media and You Don't Have to Pay What They Want

Step Five: What Is Your Budget?

• Setting a Budget That Is Effective and Doesn't Cause Your Business Pain Makes All of the Difference