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How to Overcome the "Overcoming Objection" Syndrome

OnDemand Webinar (54 minutes)

This on-demand webinar will teach you the four basic objections, the two types of objections, and the three types of questions in typical sales conversations. By learning what a statement, question and objection are and how to handle questions and objections, you will have some innovative closes to double your income. Questions help you gather information, objections disclose information, both of which you can use to your advantage. You will also learn the dominant buying close which will give you even more ammunition to close more sales. Finally, you will learn how 6-figure sales professionals handle objections and still make the sale.


Lloyd Lofton, AskLLOYD!


Handle Objections

• The Primary Function of the Sales Person

• The Value of Prospecting

• Who Are Qualified Prospects?

Four Basic Objections

• Two Type of Objections

• Effective Questions

• Three Types of Questions