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Inbound Marketing: Attract and Retain the Right Customers

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

This on-demand webinar will help you to better understand what inbound marketing is and how to incorporate it into your marketing mix.

Interruptive marketing tactics such as cold calling, direct mail and email blasts have been rendered much less effective by new technology and the rise of social media. The way people work, live and shop has dramatically changed. Consumers have the ability to block out interruptive marketing and have taken control of the buying process.

60% of a prospect's purchasing decision is made based on their own online research before ever talking to a sales rep.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is focused on getting found by your best potential customers.

6 Reasons to Order

  • Learn how to attract highly qualified customers to your business.
  • Learn the best practices for inbound marketing that will save from wasted time and effort.
  • Learn what motivates people to find and engage with your company.
  • Learn how to create an appealing position that is valued by your best prospects.
  • Learn how to turn leads into clients.
  • Know what tools help make the process easier.


Michael Gass, Michael Gass Consulting


The Rise of Inbound Marketing

• Empowered Consumers

• Megaphone Versus Hub

• Prospects Initiate Engagement

• Marketing That Creates Value

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing

• Inbound Marketing Channels Cost Less Than Outbound

• Increased Targeted Website Traffic

• Build Awareness and Trust Without Negative Interruption Tactics

• Engagement With Your Prospects

• It Adds Value to Your Products and Services

Important Tools of Attraction

• Content Marketing

• Social Media

• Search

• Optimized Website

Converting Visitors Into Leads

• Social Media

• Calls-To-Action

• Landing Pages

• Email Marketing and Automation

Turning Clients Into Promoters

• Nurture Relationships With Existing Clients

• Listening and Helping

• Creating Shareable Content

• Happy Clients Tell Others