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Nurture Customer Loyalty With Personalized Messages and Channel Alignment

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

More customers are using more channels and with the growth in mobile and other automated channels it's challenging to deliver personalized, targeted messages across channels and over time. One-size-doesn't-really-fit-anyone marketing based on simplistic "customer-centric" strategies isn't getting it done. Companies need to take what they know about their customers and use it to deliver a truly personalized, 1:1 interaction every time a customer interacts with them, no matter which channel.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Best practices in responding to customers in real time.
  • That decision making is central to personalized marketing and customer loyalty.
  • That operational micro decisions are the key.
  • How to discover, implement and manage these decisions.
  • How this approach leverages Big Data and embeds predictive analytic to improve results.


James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions


Challenges in Customer Interaction

• The Importance of Cross-Channel Consistency for Long Term Customer Engagement

• The Increasing Importance of Automated Channels in Customer Engagement

• 1:1 Marketing and the Need to Personalize Each Interaction

• The Challenges of Responding in Real-Time to Customers

Decisions About Customers Matter

• Companies Make Different Kinds of Decisions About Customers From Strategic to Operational

• Operational Decisions About Customers Determine How You Respond to Each Customer Each Time

• Micro Decisions Personalize and Target Interactions and Mark the End of Traditional Campaigns

• Focusing on Operational Decisions Can Recreate the Feel of the Corner Store

Decision Management

• A Proven Approach to Automating and Systematically Improving Customer Decisions

• Begins by Discovering and Modeling Decisions, Especially Operational Decisions

• Uses Proven Technology to Deliver Decision-Making IT Components to Front-Line Systems

• Ensures Continuous Improvement With Decision Analysis, A/B Testing and Experimentation

Big Data and Analytics

• Designing Personalized, Analytic Decisions Requires a Focus on Those Decisions

• Delivering Analytic Decisions Means Moving up the Analytic Curve From BI to Predictive Analytics

• Embedding Analytics in Operational Systems Improves Results and Delivers Them in Real-Time

• A Focus on Operational Decisions Maximizes the Value From Big Data