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SEO in the Multi-Screen World

OnDemand Webinar (54 minutes)

Mobile and tablet devices now make up 35% of all organic searches, 62% of mobile results differ from desktop results and 90% of U.S. consumers utilize these devices to complete online tasks so the time to act is at hand. To be effective in the mobile search landscape you need to know your options, risks, rewards and what is to come. This ondemand webinar will help you identify risks, provide solutions to common missteps and help you identify the best experience for your customers and your business.

Benefits for You

- Learn why the mobile search landscape is important for your online performance

- Learn what website factors influence mobile search results and what you can control

- Learn what options you have to improve the experience for users and search engines

- Learn how to determine what approach is best for your online business

- Learn about the common missteps and how to identify and correct them


Stephen Pitts, Rosetta


Why Is Mobile so Important

• Market Changes

• Consumer Behavior

• Competitive Landscape

Factors Influencing Mobile Results

• Controllable Factors

• Uncontrollable Factors

4 Ways to Approach

• Do Nothing

• Separate Mobile Experience

• Dynamic Serving

• Responsive