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Best Practices for a Responsive Website

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

As a larger majority of internet use proliferates onto devices of every size and resolution, you can no longer create a version of your website for every possibility. Responsive web design is the design and development of one design for all possible output devices. This on-demand webinar will provide an overview of steps and best practices that should be taken when creating a responsive website. This is a great program for those involved with the ideation, design and development of websites.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Learn what Responsive Web Design is and why it should be used
  • Learn about the technical components to consider before development
  • Learn about the importance of utilizing content to dictate layout
  • Learn key considerations for mobile and tablet devices
  • Learn how to test responsive designs for final implementation


Richard Morrow, ParkerWhite Brand Interactive


Responsive Website Introduction

• What Is It?

• Why Choose It?

- The Case for Mobile

- Screen Proliferation

- Be Device Agnostic


• Consider Content

- Use Real Content

- Create a Priority Guide

• Understanding Flexible Layout and Screen Sizes

- Liquid Layouts

- Media Queries

- Content Breakpoints

• Design Plan

- Designer and Programmer

- Mobile First

- Sketch Layouts

- Grids and Grid Systems

Responsive Design

• Wireframes

- Think Modular

- Think Mobile

- Show or Hide Content? Conditional Loading

• Take It to the Browser

- HTML/CSS Prototyping

- Test and Review

- Finalize

• Design and Creation

- Navigation Considerations

- Images

- Icons

- Media Objects

- Typography

- Interactive Components

- Forms

• Design Testing

- Multiple Screen Testing

- Multiple Browser Testing

- User Testing

- Provide Fallbacks