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Marketing in the World of Big Data:Applying Big Data to Your Marketing Strategy

OnDemand Webinar (48 minutes)

We live in a world that produces a sea of data and the role of marketing is changing dramatically due to the amount of information that can be stored. However, one in three business leaders make decisions without the information they need, according to IBM Business Analytics and Optimization for the Intelligent Enterprise. The gap between data information and data driven decisions are shockingly wide and the awareness of what big data can provide will hopefully close that gap for marketers.

In this on-demand webinar, you will benefit by knowing if and where big data is right for your business.

5 Reasons to Order

  • The Definition of Big Data
  • Why Big Data has Become Such a Phenomenon
  • Who is Using Big Data
  • How Big Data is Applied to Marketing Strategies
  • When to Utilize Big Data and When Not to


Nicole Rawski, Digitaria


What Is Big Data?

• History

• Trends

Why Big Data Is Important

• Marketing Decisions

• Innovation

• Customer Experience

• It's Become More Cost Effective

• Remain Competitive

Companies Who Are Using Big Data

• Nordstrom®

• Brooks Brothers®

• Netflix®

• Amazon®

Getting Started With Big Data

• Goals and Objectives

• Develop a Measurement Strategy

• Implement Tools and Verify Data Collection and Storage

• Modeling and Analyzing to Drive Insights

• Creating a Data Savvy Culture Within an Organization