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Forget Alignment: A 4-Step Process to Synergize Sales and Marketing and Generate Revenue

OnDemand Webinar (48 minutes)

Sales and marketing alignment is a term that eludes most B2B companies. Blame it on egos and turf wars, the two disciplines have butted heads since the dawn of the functions. Bottom line: In today's digital, buyer-driven marketplace, there is no time for head butting - marketing and sales people must unite under one common goal - to drive revenue. In this OnDemand Webinar, Debbie Qaqish reveals a 4-step model for creating synergy between marketing and sales that generates topline profits in a predictable, repeatable and sustainable way. This is revenue marketing. And this is the future of marketing.

5 Reasons to Order

  • You will learn a 4-step model for building alignment and synergy with sales.
  • You will learn the language of sales.
  • You will learn the mindset of sales and how you can align in programs and revenue.
  • You will learn practical tips from vice presidents of marketing from national companies who have achieved alignment and synergy.
  • You will learn the current trend in the sales and marketing relationship.


Debbie Qaqish, The Pedowitz Group


Description of the Current Sales and Marketing Relationship and Why It Is the Way It Is

Definition of Marketing and Sales Alignment Versus Marketing and Sales Synergy

• Characteristics of Each

Benefits of Having a Synergistic Relationship

• Two Case Studies - Both B2B National Companies

What Does Sales Really Want?

• CSO Insights Study

4-Step Model for How You Can Build Synergy With Sales

• Case Study Vignette From a National B2B Company

• Best Practices for How to Build Synergy With Sales