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Think Like Your Customer

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Too much of what salespeople are taught to do and say is centered on how to be a better "salesperson." But in order to become more effective in the sales profession, we actually have to get past being a sales person. What we really need to do is think more like customers. When we make this subtle but profound change in how we think and behave, we can:

  • Find and create sales opportunities where no opportunity existed before.
  • Build relationships with clients as opposed to just "selling" to them.
  • Better qualify which sales opportunities most deserve our time and attention.
  • Sell the value of your products and services and solutions instead of just features and functions.
  • Understand and help your customer work through their buying process more quickly.
  • Close a higher percentage of the opportunities we choose to invest our time and effort in.


Bill Stinnett, Sales Excellence, Inc.


What Customers Think About

• What Drives Customer Thinking and Behavior

• What Makes a Customer Receptive to Listen and Talk With You

What Customers Really Want

• Factors That Drive a Customer to Take Action to Buy

• How Those Factors Govern Their Buying Behavior

How Customers Perceive Value and Risk

• Understand the Lens Through Which a Customer Views the World

• How They Perceive What You and Your Offerings Can Do for Them

The Sales Process Redefined

• Understand the Various Steps and Stages of Your Customer's Buying Process

• What Causes People to Move Forward Through the Process