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9 Marketing Strategies to Avoid

OnDemand Webinar (49 minutes)

Thanks to the influence of technology, the world of marketing is constantly evolving. Companies that do not stay ahead of the marketing curve get left in the dust. Kent Lewis, President & Founder of Anvil Media, will outline 9 Marketing Strategies to Avoid, if you want to stay relevant in 2013. If you're planning on utilizing QR codes, content marketing, retargeting or other "current" marketing techniques, this program will provide insights that may lead you to reconsider. Similarly, if you've avoided the use of landing page testing, video or content personalization thus far, you will be armed with new insights and inspiration. After this program you will have a solid foundation for your 2013 marketing plans.

5 Reasons to Order

The world of online marketing is constantly changing to adapt to new technologies and trends. With this exclusive program, you will not only learn the 9 marketing strategies to avoid, but you will

  • Learn how to create compelling content that moves the needle.
  • Understand the power of developing multimedia assets for the sales funnel.
  • Learn how to double your sales through A/B testing.
  • Gain insights into the differences between bad data and bad analysis.
  • Learn why keyword-driven search engine optimization is dying.


Kent Lewis, Anvil Media, Inc.


Obsolete Digital Marketing Strategy Recap:

• Digital Team-Building

• Website Design by Committee

• Managing Campaigns Based on Impressions, Clicks and Budgets

• Utilizing Third-Parties for Social Media Engagement

• Doing Black Hat SEO

• Renting Email Lists

• Sending Unsegmented or Untargeted Emails

Marketing Strategies to Avoid:

• QR Codes

• Keyword-Based SEO

• Misguided Content Marketing

• Untargeted Retargeting

• Avoiding Landing Page Testing

• Ignoring Personalization and Behavioral Targeting

• Underestimating the Power of Video and Audio Marketing

• Gaming Reviews and Buying Followers

• Making Decisions Based on the Wrong Metrics