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How to Use SlideShare for Content Marketing

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Learn how to leverage SlideShare to create new business by adding a powerful new tool to your firm's content marketing arsenal. expands and leverages your existing content, making it available to prospects who might otherwise never discover your content and your firm's capabilities and products. enhances your firm's search engine visibility and drives new traffic to your websites, retailers, or marketing network. You'll learn how to leverage your current content, making it easier to locate and easier to update.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Understand what is and the advantages it offers.
  • Learn how to identify existing content that can be used for
  • Discover how to prepare and upload presentations for
  • Learn how to add audio and video to SlideShare presentations.
  • Find out how to use to drive website traffic.


Roger C. Parker, Published & Profitable


Perspective: SlideShare and Content Marketing

• Content Marketing's Role in Business Profitability Today

• How SlideShare Amplifies Your Content Marketing

• The Elements of SlideShare Success

Planning and Producing SlideShare Presentations

• Creating a SlideShare Editorial Calendar

• Leveraging What You Already Know About Presentations and PowerPoint®

• Proofing Your SlideShare Presentations

Promoting and Profiting From Your SlideShare Presentations

• Generating New Business Leads With SlideShare

• Adding Audio and Video to Your SlideShare Presentations

• Using Social Media to Promote Your SlideShare Presentations