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Search Engine Marketing: Keyword Research and Development

OnDemand Webinar (53 minutes)

If you are using social media, organic or paid search, this OnDemand Webinar will take you beyond just picking keywords for short term marketing efforts to strategically selecting your keyword universe to increase your business' profitability and even change your business' direction. During this OnDemand Webinar, we will show examples of how companies are integrating and balancing their keyword strategy across social media, paid and organic search. You will also learn the tools available and how to measure your success.

5 Reasons to Order

Learn how your choice of keywords can influence your business' strategic direction.

Learn how to choose the keywords that will bring the most value to your marketing efforts.

Explore how other companies have steered their business strategy by their keyword choices.

Learn how to balance your keyword strategy across social media, paid, and organic search.

Explore how to measure your performance.


Amanda Watlington, Ph.D., Searching for Profit


How to Select Keywords for Social Media, Paid and Organic Search

• The Toolkit for Strategic Keyword Research

• The Data Inputs - Filtering and Adjusting Your Keyword Mix

• Keyword Research and Selection Challenges and Solutions for Meeting Them

How to Uncover Searcher Patterns to Address Strategic Issues

• Competitive Positioning to Meet Threats and Leverage Opportunities

• Merchandizing for Increased E-Commerce Profits

• Messaging for Improved Social Media Engagement

• Creating Content to Support the Integrated Marketing Goals

Balancing and Leveraging Your Paid and Organic Keyword Selections

• The Case for Breaking Down the Silo Between Paid vs. Organic Search

• The Case for Building Your Own Keyword Methodologies

• How to Build a Business/Site Specific Methodology

How to Measure the Success of Your Keyword Strategy

• The Tools, a Quick Survey

• The Key Metrics to Guide Your Program

• Future Changes and Challenges Facing Keyword-Based Marketers