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How the Top Brands Effectively Market to the Growing Hispanic Segment

OnDemand Webinar (52 minutes)

Some brands don't realize the enormity of the Hispanic business opportunity. Other brands don't know where to start. This OnDemand Webinar will examine the financial opportunity, simplify the market complexities and demonstrate how a national brand that was once casted off as aged and irrelevant regained its standing by successfully marketing to an often elusive consumer segment: the young and trendy bicultural Hispanic.

5 Reasons to Order:

  • Learn how to identify the Hispanic sub-segment that's right for your business
  • Learn how the time-in-country metric informs how Hispanics view your product(s)
  • Explore the broad spectrum of language usage among Hispanics and how that impacts your communication strategy
  • Discover the media mix that's most effective in influencing Hispanic buying decisions
  • Improve Hispanic customer loyalty by connecting with the cultural insights that matter most


Alberto Padron, Stinghouse


The Why

• Economic Upside: the Growth in Population and Buying Power

The Who

• Complex Market: Understanding the Role of Language, Country and Culture When Communicating With the Hispanic Market

The How

• Case Study: Examining the Insights - How a Poorly Positioned Brand Achieved New Life With the Latino Audience