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Creating Internal Brand Ambassadors: Keeping Employees Engaged and Energized

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Turnover is a threat to the performance of any organization. Current studies show 71% of American workers are not engaged in their work, representing a near-record low. The more disengaged your employees become with your business, the more likely they are to leave when the competition comes calling - especially your top performers. Purchase this OnDemand Webinar to learn how investing in your employees helps ensure this doesn't happen to you. Everyone loves feeling part of something; having a stake in the game. In today's business world, it's more important than ever that your employees feel a true connection to your organization. More specifically, they need to see their roles as intrinsic to the business. When employees are connected, they are happier, which leads to being more productive, and ends with meeting customers' needs more effectively. And, when those three things flourish, like a chain reaction, so does your bottom line. Connected employees naturally behave in the best interests of the company. During this program, we will look at current research and rising business trends that show how absolutely critical it is to keep employees engaged. You will see case studies outlining how other companies have embraced the power of energized employees and are now seeing concrete results. More specifically, you learn five key steps to creating a culture of engagement within your organization.


Robin Broder, MMC Corp


Assessing Your Organization

• Perception: What Do Your Employees Think of Your Organization?

• Ownership: Does Each Employee Understand What His/Her Role Is in Meeting the Company's Objectives?

• Prioritization: How Much Time Do You Spend Focused Internally (On Your Employees) vs. Externally (Your Customers)?

The Most Important Investment You Will Ever Make

• Current Research and Business Trends That Show It's More Critical Than Ever to Keep Employees Engaged - Your Business Depends on It

- 84% of Senior Leaders Globally Say Disengaged Employees Are One of the Three Biggest Threats Facing Their Business - yet Only 12% of Them Report Regularly Working to Address Employee Engagement - My Question Is, 'How Can You Afford Not to Focus on Your Most Important Asset: Your People?'

- Organizations With Engaged Employees Are More Profitable, Period - in Fact, They Show a 19% Increase in Operating Income Over a 12-Month Period, Compared to a 34% Decrease in Companies With Disengaged Employees

• Investing in Your Employees Is the Least Expensive - and yet Single Most Effective - Thing You Can Do to Make Your Business Successful Today

Five Steps to Keep Employees Engaged - and Turn Them Into Your Firm's Biggest Fans

• Cultivate Happiness

• Break Barriers

• Communicate Honestly

• Include Everyone

• Equip and Empower

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