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Six First Rate Tactics Guaranteed to Turn Cart Abandons into Conversions

OnDemand Webinar (52 minutes)

With more than two-thirds of shoppers abandoning their carts and billions of dollars in potentially lost revenue at stake, smart merchants rely on abandoned cart marketing programs to stem the tide. Well-crafted strategies marry science and art to hold onto every potential order. Today's elite programs also take advantage of this rich opportunity to foster customer loyalty, increase satisfaction and boost customer lifetime value. From the practical and psychological reasons shoppers abandon their carts to the metrics and tools that make a difference, we'll explore the key drivers and can't miss tactics that connect with shoppers and produce powerful results in this on-demand webinar.

5 Reasons to Order

  • The shifting reasons and hidden trends behind shopping cart abandonment
  • Post abandonment email practices that captivate today's distracted shoppers
  • Ad retargeting refinements that zero in on cart vs. site abandoners
  • How to put social media to work to recapture lost revenue
  • Best practices for measuring and monitoring cart abandonment causes and remedies


Ken Burke, Marketlive, Inc.


Why Managing Abandon Cart Is More Important Than Ever

• High Numbers of Abandon Cart Are Creating Loss of Revenue

• Solutions Exist That Can Help

• Trends Showing Increased Distraction for Shoppers

Reasons for Increased Abandoned Cart

• Path to Purchase Is Now Across Multiple Channels, Times, Devices

• Educated Buyers Shop for Deals Across Multiple Sites

• Poor Optimization of Websites, Failing to Engage Customers

• Lack of Integration Between Promotions, Pricing, Display and Relevant Audience Segments, Leading to a Lack of Engagement

Marketing Techniques to Re-Engage Post Abandonment

• Proactive Email Campaigns to Target Abandoners and Re-Engage Them

• Retargeting as a Solution to Draw Shoppers Back in

• Proactive Promotions to Drive Loyalty and Incent Conversion

Social as a Loyalty Driver and Abandonment Decreaser

• Using Your Customers' as Brand Advocates

• Integrated Social to Drive Conversion (Sharing Likes, Feedback, Reviews, etc.)

• Contests to Increase Audiences, Share Promotions, Increase Engagement

Measuring Results: Abandonment Analytics

• What Are the Kpis of Cart Abandonment Efforts?

• What Kind of Results Can You Expect From the Different Techniques (Email, Social, Retargeting, etc.)

• How to Start Measuring

Summary: How to Get Started

• What to Try First

• Priorities on Which to Focus